For more than 30 years, SEOR has provided economic policy research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide. SEOR is an independent contract research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics. We are known by our clients and partners for our strong quantitative and econometric competences.


SEOR is committed to contribute to optimise policy for today's social and economic issues. We help our clients have a clear understanding of the issues, causes and effects, so they can make informed decisions. As part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, our team has a lot of experience with applying scientific knowledge in practical research efficiently and effectively. We take pride in providing independent and objective research, based on scientific principles and methods.


Our key competence is our ability to provide the best possible method and new insights, based on scientific knowledge, and to translate this into practical research that benefits our clients. Our team consists of highly experienced economic policy researchers. SEOR has built a strong track record in six core activities: labour, social security, education and training, innovation, competition and regulation and entrepreneurship. Our skills range from policy monitoring, policy evaluation and impact assessment, econometric analysis, experiments, forecasting and modeling to qualitative research, such as scenario building and foresight studies.








Our expertise in the field of labour market research is very broad. Examples of topics SEOR has experience with are labour supply and demand, job satisfaction and labour market forecasts.

In the field of social security, SEOR studies topics such as re-integration, (both intended and improper) use of social security and costs of social security.

We study topics such as the connection between education and the labour market, educational choices and performance, life long learning, etc.

Our knowledge of specific sectors is used to analyze innovation performance. Competitiveness and productivity are important factors within these studies.

Our expertise in the field of regulation focuses on the design and appliance of policy instruments aiming to stimulate e.g. competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

Our knowledge of entrepreneurship includes topics such as freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship policy.


SEOR works for ministries, regional and local govenrments, sector organisations and private companies. Outside the Netherlands, clients are e.g. the European Commission, the World Bank and regional development banks.


European Commission

International organisations


Social partners


  • Econometric analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
  • Forecasting and modelling
  • Literature reviews
  • Surveys
  • Interviews, focus groups and workshops
  • Experiments
  • Benchmarking
  • Micro-economic and sector analysis


SEOR is an independent social economic research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics and provides research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide.


  • Address:
  • Rotterdam Science Tower
    Marconistraat 16, 11th floor
    3029 AK Rotterdam
  • Telephone:
  • +31 (0)10 302 0500
  • Email:
  • seor-secr@seor.eur.nl


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