Lifelong learning for higher educated technicians

Lifelong learning for higher educated technicians

The foundation NexTech was established in 1918 by a large number of industrial companies, to support the recently founded Higher Technical School in Dordrecht. The goal of NexTech is to actively contribute to technological and innovative developments in the region South Holland South. NexTech aims to achieve this objective by stimulating knowledge development, promoting the inflow and conservation of higher educated technicians in the region.

On 15 October 2018, NexTech celebrated its 100th anniversary. For this occasion, the board of NexTech has decided to commission research and provide the results to society. The subject of this study, carried out by SEOR, is the increasing importance of lifelong learning for higher educated technicians and the necessity to stimulate and facilitate this.

The following questions are answered on the basis of a literature study:

  1. Considering the increasing importance of lifelong learning for higher educated technicians, are measures to stimulate lifelong learning needed?
  2. Which measures could be used?
  3. Which measures that stimulate education during one's working life have been taken and what are the experiences with these measures?
  4. What recommendations follow from answers on the above questions, which could contribute to lifelong learning for higher educated technicians?


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Een leven lang leren voor ingenieurs?


Publication date: 
October 2018
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