New project: Impact evaluation services WGA

  • September 2019

UWV (the Dutch employee insurance agency) offers people receiving disability benefits with the ability to work (WGA-recipients) services to promote their participation in the labour market. Since 2017, UWV is able to provide basis services for all WGA-recipients. The question now is whether this level of service is sufficient to optimally support WGA-recipients in finding and retaining work. UWV has received additional funds from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to conduct a study into the efficiency and effectiveness of its services and the appropriate level of service.

To this end, a randomized experiment is conducted in which one group receives extensive services and another group receives no services. In addition, both groups are compared to a group that receives basic services. Together with the Verwey-Jonker Institute, SEOR is conducting the impact evaluation of this study. This evaluation should lead to a better understanding of the effects of the activating services for WGA-recipients.