Mostafa Zeriouh is responsible for the financial management of SEOR.


Mostafa Zeriouh

Mostafa Zeriouh


Mostafa Zeriouh has graduated from the post-bachelor Controlling at Nyenrode University. In 1994, he received his licence (bachelor) in Development Economics at the Mohammad V University in Rabat. Together with the directors, he is responsible for the financial management of SEOR. In this position, he is responsible for monthly financial reports, budgets, fiscal questions, annual accounts and multiannual plannings. Mostafa also advises project managers and the scientific manager when determining budgets for specific projects.

Besides his work at SEOR, Mostafa is also controller at ERBS and ESPR, all part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


  • 2003 - present      Controller, SEOR
  • 2012 - present      Controller, ERBS
  • 2005 - present      Controller, ESPR


+31 (0)6 14161809

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SEOR is an independent social economic research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics and provides research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide.


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