New project: Supporting optimal study choices

  • October 2019

Good choices in terms of study and career serve the interests of both individuals, employers and society. Making good choices is a difficult task for many young people, especially considering the ever-changing, growing range of courses and professions. Young people often have unrealistic labour market expectations. Therefore, their choices do not always lead to succesful results later in their career (e.g. in terms of study success, job opportunities and income).

SEOR has received a subsidy from Instituut Gak to conduct research into the effectiveness of career orientation and guidance. The central question is how career orientation and guidance can be organized in such a way that it leads to optimal study and career choices. We pay attention to the role of career orientation and guidance during the entire educational career of young people. The study consists of the following parts:

  1. An assessment of national and international literature on career orientation and guidance
  2. Large-scale empirical research into the effectiveness of career orientation and guidance policy within the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Area
  3. Translating the results into practical recommendations and instruments for students, parents, schools, municipalities and national authorities