New project: WerkLoont and influence migration background

  • November 2019

In the Netherlands, people with a migration background have a disadvantage on the labour market. While there has been progress in the position of this group in many areas, such as education, their position on the labour market still lags behind.

The ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has developed the programme "Further integration on the labour market" ("Verdere integratie op de arbeidsmarkt" or VIA). The aim of this programme is to improve the labour market position of people with a migration background. A lot of information is available about the nature and extent of the differences between Dutch people with and without a migration background, and explanations for these differences. However, there is still limited knowledge about elements which can effectively improve the labour market participation and position of the people with a migration background.

Part of the objective of the VIA programme is to gain insight into whether and/or which elements within reintegration measures are (in)effective for groups with a migration background. After all, elements which are (in)effective for the average benefit recipient do not necessarily have to be (in)effective for a specific subset of benefit recipients.

SEOR is currently doing research into the influence of migration background on the net effectiveness of the reintegration project WerkLoont in Rotterdam. In 2017, an experimental study was conducted into the effects of this project. The data from this study are used to find out whether there are differences in effectiveness between benefit recipients with and without a migration background.