New project: Basic Jobs in Rotterdam

  • july 2020

A large group of people in Rotterdam has depended on welfare benefits for a long time. While this group is eager to work, they are not able to find a regular job. At the same time, a lot of meaningful and useful work is not carried out through regular or voluntary work. Hence, political parties PvdA and CDA have submitted a proposal to the city council, in which they suggest the creation of work for this target group.

The municipality of Rotterdam has asked SEOR to investigate the feasibility of these Basic Jobs. How do you link social challenges in the neighbourhoods to the wishes and expectations of job seekers, companies and residents? To answer this question, we consult local residents, companies, activation coaches from the municipality and long-term job seekers. We combine the insights from these interviews with existing knowledge about subsidised labour. In this way, we determine whether the development of Basic Jobs is realistic and we advise the municipality on possible next steps.